5 Simple Things Any Guy can do to Look BETTER

Not everyone is born with great genetics and rich parents and some of us don’t know how to look better. But there are still things you can do to look better almost instantly. There are countless things that we can do to improve our appearance but here we will only go over the 5 most important ones that will make you look great, Let’s GO! Here are 5 Simple Things Any Guy can do to Look BETTER.

1. Focus on the fit of your clothes

This is far from the most important thing to make you look better. Many guys still in 2019(may God have mercy on them) still wear those baggy jeans and t-shirt their father used to wear. THAT’S A BIG NO-NO BUDDY.

If you want to know how to look better you want to do is make sure your clothes fit you perfectly from sleeves to shoulders and chest. That will ensure that you look more symmetrical and more attractive, try this you fall in love with yourself.

2. Invest in Skincare

Many young guys complete neglect of how their skin looks like even some grownups. This is as important as your clothes. Know what your skin type is and use products designed for it. Here is a list of products you need to use every day to get baby-like skin:

  1. Hydrating moisturizer.
  2. Sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays.
  3. Eye cream for dark circles and crow’s feet.
  4. A facial cleanser for your skin type.
  5. A good quality face scrub for removing dead skin cells.

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skin care products for men
skin care products for men

3. How To Look Better by Working out BABY!!!

Nothing will make you prouder and happier than giving yourself time. This comes from working out. Exercising will not only make you smarter and attractive than you are already but it will also help you put some muscles on so you can showcase those guns of yours and it will also make your clothing fit you well. Not to mention you will feel confident as hell. Start now you’ll thanks me later!

How To Look Better by Working out BABY!!!
How To Look Better by Working out BABY!!!

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4. Choose your Scent wisely

There is a saying that people are attracted to one who has nice manners and scent and that how you look better! Now you know why this point made the list. Imagine you being dressed like a millionaire (and I think you will after reading this article) and people staring at you as you have come from another world but what if you stink like hell! No one would like to come closer to you, choose your scent wisely guys.

Choose your Scent wisely
Choose your Scent wisely

The Best Perfumes and Colognes for Guys

  1. Creed Aventus
  2. Spice bomb
  3. Tom ford ombre leather
  4. Bleu De Chanel
  5. Kenneth Cole for him

5. Bring out that masculine confidence

Now you may have heard that a confident man is a successful man. This is completely correct by my friends. Not only women and people are attracted to a confident man but also he is also admired. By the way, some of the most attractive people on the planet are not really physically that good-looking, yet their confidence can make them irresistible. Now explode that machismo and BOOM 100% more attractive guaranteed

Bring out that masculine confidence
Bring out that masculine confidence

So, these are some tips that will boost your appearance and it will help how to look better !

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