7 lifestyle habits you should do to look good

Grooming yourself is not a difficult task, but it is undoubtedly the most important one. Guys nowadays work really hard and feel inferior about their worldly appearance. And no doubts, it must be on your checklist. A good looking man always knows how to maintain himself.  Today we’re going to share the 7 most influential lifestyle habits you should do to look good.

Maintain a good posture || lifestyle habits

A good posture speaks a lot about your lifestyle habits and personality. It is one of the most crucial factors in men’s grooming. If you are lazy and have an odd posture, people elsewhere don’t see you attractive. If you want to stand out in an occasion and any family gathering, do maintain an upright posture.

Furthermore, if you want a plus point, work on your physique. A defined physique either helps in the fitting of your outfit or as a whole, your body looks good. It adds a sparkle to your personality.

Maintain a good posture
Maintain a good posture

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Timing is everything || lifestyle habits

You must find it amusing of me telling the importance of time, that how comes timing adds up to grooming yourself. That’s where we are mistaken. The timetable shows how punctual and responsible you are. Although some people find it as “Seizing the moment” when they arrive late on any occasion, it surely doesn’t mean that. If you want to do good in life, start by learning the importance of time. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, and if you act according to it, you’ll be unstoppable. And as soon as you’d be unstoppable, you’ll be nonpareil.

style tips for men
Timing is everything

Learn basic etiquette || lifestyle habits

Fortunately, we are living in a society where most us know the basic manners, which includes; the table manners, the behaviors to speak and the ways you show when dealing with other peoples. As a part of grooming, it is vital to know these manners because in future, in your practical life, you will be measured with these qualities. First of all, your way of behaving with others shows your family background. Secondly, when addressing someone, your way of speaking should be much attractive. Sarcasm and witty replies all apart, but your gesture and words matters. It either develops an exceptional status in the other person eyes or it produces a not so good image.

Last but not least, on every occasions, parties or function, you should know the supreme rules of the table. A person is judged by his way of eating or how good does he look when he is seated. If you want yourself to be the centre of attraction on any outing, work on these tips, as it will help you now and in future.

Be selective at choosing your outfit || lifestyle habits

You wonder why I did not mention it earlier, but this is a point where many of us struggle. Being selective at choosing your outfit doesn’t mean that we don’t know what’s matching or we don’t have suitable outfits. Fashion is all opinion-based. So do style. Fortunately, we all are privileged in every manner. But, what I meant to say is that we should dress accordingly. You should know what to wear on a specific occasion. Your outfit should match the theme of the event. When you know what to wear at what time, you already become attractive. It helps in building an excellent image in society and helps in grooming your personality. Its 2020, wear what looks good on you and suits your body shape. Don’t forget to do your hair and skin as they will increase your fashion style points too.

Be selective at choosing your outfit
Be selective at choosing your outfit

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Be knowledgeable || lifestyle habits 

Many guys look perfect from the outside, but what matters is how good you are from the inside. For instance, people get attracted to you because of your personality but can’t talk to you for longer due to lack of content. It doesn’t mean that you should be controversial or playful all the time, but you should know the content of a conversation and should actively take part in it. Quite people are not preferred more as compared to the one who knows what and where to speak. That’s what makes him a gentleman. Learn from the past, prominent figures back at the time knew that key to the revolution is through conveying what is right. They know how to speak and when to speak and what to speak, transitively, they knew how to “Steal the moment”.

Be knowledgeable
Be knowledgeable

Be confident || lifestyle habits 

When it comes to looking good, there is nothing more important than confidence. Let’s start with an example, think about it like this, you see your crush coming your way, what’s going through your head, I can guess what you are already thinking, what if she doesn’t like me? What if she rejects me? I’m way out of her league. That’s the problem right there. These negative thoughts are that messes with you draining your confidence in an instant. So what to do? Here’s a tip, instead of going to her anxiously and thinking what will go wrong ditch that idea and go to her thinking what all the things that can go right. This will instantly spark confidence in you and make you attractive and handsome. The confident male is the one that conquers and have an alpha presence in society. Do everything confidently and see how things change

Smile || lifestyle habits 

Everyone finds a smiling face attractive and sexy. Don’t be the guy who is always frowning and not making eye contact with anyone. Smile more it looks beautiful on you. Study shows that women find smiling men more appealing. Let that pearly whites shine and glow. Smile slowly because the Journal of Non-Verbal Behavior shows that men who smile slower are viewed as more attractive and trustworthy.

Make sure you don’t laugh and smile on stupid things or you will come across as a joker.


Add these lifestyle tips to your “To Do” list, you will see a dramatic change in your life. Nevertheless, you know when to start, it’s never too late.


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