10 Style and Fashion Tips for Men to live

You all have been trying your best to look good in all situations, either it is formal or casual, you always look out for your style if you care about how you look. But if you miss following one of these habits that today I am going to share with you, your style can lack a bit. But today I got your back, and I’m going to share 10 style and fashion tips for men should live by either it is in your casual or formal scenario; these are important. So let’s hop into it.

men skincare tips
men skincare tips

Always wear fitted clothes || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

The power of well-fitted clothing is just awesome. It makes you look great, symmetrical, proportional, and overall sexy. No one should wear baggy clothing as it looks so dull, unstylish, and overall sloppy. You look like a guy from the 2000s. If you buy something loose or ill-fitted, get it adjusted to take it to the tailor, and he/she will tailor the clothes according to your body type. This simple tweak is super essential. That’s why its number 1 on the list.

Wear clothes according to the situation || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

This is the worst mistake I see many men making. It’s so simple you need to wear formal attire on formal events and casual clothes on casual occasions. I see so many guys wearing dressy shoes and formal patent loafers in casual scenarios. It just looks, odd guys. You can’t wear a suit when you are hanging out with your friends and jeans and a t-shirt to a wedding. Always dress for the occasion. If you are confused, ask the dress code, and you are good to go.

Good shoes, Good outfit || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

It’s damn true that a good outfit consists of a Good pair of shoes. In my opinion, shoes make up 50% of the outfit. If your 50% (your shoes) are dirty, old, unpolished and just a bad pair overall you know what will happen. Your style point goes from 10 to like 5 maybe in an instant. Always make sure the shoes you wear are nice and clean, polished if they are dressy and classic. I see so many guys wearing dirty trendy shoes that just make them look ugly and unattractive. Remember guys, Good shoes make up Good outfit.
 Some of the shoes that are must-have in every men’s closet are:

White plain sneakers Black dress shoes || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

Tassel or penny loafers (they go well in both smart and casual scenarios)
Simplicity is the Key
Now you may have heard the famous quote of Leonardo da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” That’s what’s apply here, guys. You don’t have to waste a pile of money on your clothes and accessory. You need to know the basics and know how to style different pieces of clothing differently. Simplicity is the key. An outfit loaded with different colors and patterns look obnoxious and striking to eyes. Just make sure you accessorize right and pair your tops and bottoms accordingly to look hot as possible.


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Accessorize accordingly || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

This brings us to the next tips that are you need to accessorize accordingly. No, I am not talking about wearing 5 necklaces and 6 bracelets that make you look feminine. None of those non-sense. I just wanted to tell you that accessories are great for your style; it can make it or break your outfit. The rule here is easy and straightforward, always go for the minimal. It looks stylish and manly and overall increases your style points from 10 to 12. A breaded bracelet, a simple necklace, Badass pair of sunglasses, a classy watch, and a pocket square are great examples of stylish men’s accessories.

Grooming is Important ||  Style and Fashion Tips for Men

Well, you may be thinking that grooming is just ordinary, but it’s part of your style. You can’t look good if your hair is all messed up and is smelling like fish. No one likes that. If your grooming isn’t on point, your confidence drastically goes down. Always make sure your nails are clipped, your hair is styled and freshly cut, and you smell like a sexy ninja and more. Just take care of your grooming and see yourself look and become a gentleman just like that.

Match your leathers || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

Many of you have heard that matching leather rule is just out of style, and no one does that, but let me tell you one thing if you want to stand out from the crowd, match your leather. I can’t emphasize more on these guys. I know that many guys can easily pull off different colored leather shoes and different colored belts, but if you are not a style-savvy and is just started to take care of yourself. I’d advise you to match your leathers until you are a style pro and are comfortable switching and playing with colors in your outfits.

Gym clothes are for Gym || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

Ahh! I nearly see every second person roaming around in gym sweats or Nike or Adidas running shoes. These clothing are made for performance; that’s why it’s made for the gym. Now I know athleisure is getting familiar, but it doesn’t mean always wearing those grey baggy sweatpants that have yellow stain behind it, that’s gross guys. Avoid it at all costs. Instead, if you want comfort and most probably everyone does, wear fitted athleisure joggers, they are comfortable, stylish and looks way better than worn-out dirty sweats

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Avoid Trend and Bold Patterns || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

I see so many guys dressing like their mothers have styled their clothes. Grow up, guys. So many obnoxious prints are out there and avoid it at all costs many guys are wearing Supreme and Gucci jacket thinking they look good, but the truth is they only impress there friends. Avoid trends too. They just come and go. You can still look good while following trends if you add classic pieces of clothing to it. Trends are just a waste of money. You buy a thousand-dollar Gucci jacket and you see no one wearing it the next year. Instead, go for a classic like your t-shirts, shirts, chinos, suits, leather sneakers. They are here to stay forever and will always make you look good wherever you go.

Confidence is Key || Style and Fashion Tips for Men

You can wear a thousand dollar worth of outfit, but if you don’t wear it with confidence, there’s a problem guy. Confidence is the key. Always wear clothing with confidence, either it is a simple t-shirt or jeans or a tom ford suit. When you wear it with confidence, it means you believe in yourself and still have the potential to look good in a simple outfit. If you are not confident in what you are wearing, there’s nothing that can make you feel good about yourself. Wear everything with confidence.
So, these are 10 style and fashion tips for men should live by either it is in your casual or formal scenario.

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