7 Style Tips for men that will change the Way how you Dress!

Now you’ve been wondering what else are the tips or secrets I can implement that will change the way I dress, or maybe I look better than my friends. Well, then you’ve come to the right place gentlemen.  There are tips and secrets every guy has in his style arsenal that whenever they implement them, they look stylish, like a boss, like a gentleman. Today we are going to go cover “ 7 Style Tips for men that will change the Way how you Dress!”  Try it on your own risk because they will make you a hell of a stylish. Sounds good, let hop into it.

Make sure the Clothes fit you well || 7 Style Tips

This is the most significant and most crucial style tip you could ever find because the fit is so vital a lousy fit can make you unstylish just like that even if you are wearing some high end branded clothes.

Make sure the Clothes fit you well
Make sure the Clothes fit you well

Find the perfect trim for your body type. Not too tight otherwise, you know who you would look like in the end. This means the jeans you wear aren’t too long and are just finishing at your ankle and not too baggy that they fall down. Make sure the shirts aren’t too long passing down the butt. Dress shirts designed to be tuck in, unlike casual shirts. I see so many guys trying to rock them untucked that look unprofessional. T-shirts should not look like you are wearing your father’s clothes or something you have borrowed from your elder brother. Make sure they are well fitted through the chest, shoulder and triceps region because these are the areas that will make it look better and overall make you look attractive and stylish. Likewise, tightly fitted clothes aren’t the way to go either. Just keep it neutral and you are good to go.

Say No to Trends || 7 Style Tips

Until and unless you are one heck of a rich dude, you can try out trends. But chances are you are not. Believe me guys trends aren’t good as you think, you might buy the Supreme Cross-body bag now worth hundreds of dollars and see it fade away the next year, believe me, you will throw them a year later or two. This is just a complete wastage of money, instead invest in classic garments that will fit you well and make you stand out.

style tips for men
style tips for men

Some trends look sexy and perfect at times for e.g., the floral shirt, and this is far by the most attractive and straightforward trend guy can try out that will not break the bank and is classic at the same time. It’s a great look for summer and spring. It looks stylish and will make you stand out from the dude that he’s still wearing his Gucci t-shirt.

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Avoid bold patterns and prints || 7 Style Tips

Now I might get hate on it but stop and think would you love to look like a Joker, now think of it your clothes are meant to attract people, you wearing super bold prints and patterns like your Supreme-Louis Vuitton hoodie will make everyone make fun of you. Avoid obnoxious prints and instead go for classics like your black and white t-shirt, your white dress shirt and flannels. These are perfect for every dude and won’t be out of style for the next hundreds of years. They tend to look stylish and can work with many casual scenarios. It makes you look smart and more importantly, makes you stand out from the crowd that is still wearing Nike swoosh tees.

Invest in Classics || 7 Style Tips

As I mentioned in the previous point, make sure you stack up on Classic staples. They will always remain in style and you can never go wrong with them. They look stylish and are attractive. Secondly, they are cheap and third they go with any outfit you can think of wearing. There is no need to fill your wardrobe with designer and branded stuff that will wear out after a few hot washes. These are interchangeable and you can pretty much create any outfit you’d think.

Invest in Classics
Invest in Classics

Some Examples of Classic Clothing:

Black jeans

White and Black tees

White Sneaker (Must Have)

White Shirt

Smart Dress Shoes

Bomber Jacket

Navy or Charcoal Suit

All Occasions Watch

Have Strong Shoe-game || 7 Style Tips

Shoes can make or break a dress, so if you can only get one thing in your closet right, let it be your shoes. My Suggestion is to go with the Derby shoe or white sneaker because these can be dressed up or down, relying on the look you’re going for. Believe me people notices your shoes and if want to impress someone, you can’t go wrong with nice pair of shoes. A good compliment always start with fresh pair of kicks. Make sure you keep your shoes clean and polished every time you wear them as this will increase your style points too.

Have Strong Shoe-game
Have Strong Shoe-game


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Accessorize accordingly

See guys if you want to change the way you dress and increase you style to like David Beckham level. You should do that the ordinary guys don’t do. Like wearing accessories. Nothing can elevate your outfit as much as accessories do. They have stood the test of time in Men’s Style and you can’t go wrong with them ever. Try to wear a Watch with almost every outfit and your outfits will go from 7 to 10 in an instant! Same goes for other accessories like your sunglasses and hats. Just don’t go overboard and fill your hands with bracelet and rings. It just looks hideous, instead a ring or two is enough and a necklace would be optional if you are going for a stylish casual outfit.

Some Examples of Great Accessories:

A Nice Watch







Men’s Necklace

Classic Ties

White Pocket Square

Leather Belts

Hairstyles || 7 Style Tips

A great hairstyle have huge impact on how you dress and look. It’s not only about the clothing you wear but grooming and having a good hairstyle matters too. Even if you are wearing a stylish outfit but you hairstyle is not on point it may not look good as it should be. Choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape. Go for short hair if you have round face and medium to long if you have a more defined face structure. Tell your barber what you want and take a hairstyle picture on your mobile phone so he could deliver what you are trying to achieve. Style your hair in the direction you want and use a blow-dryer as it creates volumes and texture. Remember, hairstyle matters.


These style tips for men are must if you want to look attractive.

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